Glasgow Senior Citizens Orchestra
Privacy Policy

Personal Data

Glasgow Senior Citizens Orchestra does not sell, rent or otherwise make available to any third parties any personal data submitted by visitors to our site. We will protect your data as outlined below.

Who we are; who is our data administrator.

The Glasgow Senior Citizens Orchestra is a group of retired musicians who rehearse weekly and perform monthly to organisations and groups throughout Central Scotland. We are a non-profit making organisation. All personal data is held and managed by the Orchestra's Secretary.

What information do we collect.

The only information we collect is related to performance enquiries or enquiries from current and potential musicians about membership of the Orchestra. Names, email addresses, landline and mobile numbers, [do we need 'venue'?] home addresses and musical instrument played are transmitted by email to the Orchestra's secretary.

Why we collect your data; why is it necessary for our site to have this data?

We only collect data that is necessary to communicate with you and to organise performances by the Orchestra. Data is not transferred to anyone else and is not used for commercial purposes.

How we store your data and keep it safe and protected.

All data is stored within a personal password protected email system and is not shared.

Who we share your information with.

Information is not shared with anyone outside the Glasgow Senior Citizens Orchestra organising committee. In rare cases when this might be necessary, your specific approval will be obtained first.

GSCO October 2018